After finishing my IT apprenticeship in 2007, I lived out a childhood dream and began my career as a professional ice hockey player. This exciting phase lasted for 13 years and taught me important lessons about commitment, passion and being part of a team.

After nearly 8 years focused on sports, I decided to explore another interest. In 2015, I trained to become a marketing and sales specialist. This led to a three-year job at a large cooperation, where I got better at what I do and gained valuable experience.

After those three years, I chose to return to the field of IT and enrolled in a 4-year Bachelor's program in Business Information Technology at ZHAW School of Management and Law. In the summer of 2023, I completed this challenging yet fulfilling journey, which was accompanied by life changes, including transitioning from professional sports to a career in IT, getting married, and embracing fatherhood to a daughter and a son.

Right now, I'm co-leading a team of Container and CI/CD engineers at Puzzle ITC. I'm really enjoying my work here. We're all about finding new solutions to tricky problems and helping customers optimize their IT infrastructure and automation.

When I'm not working, I love spending time with my family. Being a dad to two kids makes me really happy. In my free time, I like doing different sports like running, swimming, and cycling. I also enjoy taking pictures with my camera to capture the world as it is.

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Adrian Brunner